Today is Saturday 11.28.2015, name-day is Henrieta



Electronic resources of the University Library in Bratislava is up-to-date, well-maintained collection of electronic media resources and digital documents. This collection represents profile, mission and duties of the University Library given by the national library system of the Slovak republic.

  • Licensed e-resources - access to them is for registered users available in the electronic documents study-room, PC study-room or trough remote access outside of the library
  • Free e-books and e-journals - (databases, e-books, e-magazines) are upon interest freely accessible on the internet. You can access them from any computer connected to the World Wide Web.
  • EZB Electronic Journal Library - simple access to specialized electronic magazines, which are freely accessible on the internet or are accessible in the University library of Bratislava depending on different kinds of pre-paid services (access from UKB)

Thanks that you are following and respecting the basics for the usage of electronic information sources.


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