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Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations of the University Library in Bratislava

Pursuant to the Act No. 183/2000 Coll. on libraries adopted by the National Council of the Slovak Republic, amendments to the Act No. 27/1987 Coll. about the state monument care adopted by the Slovak National Council, the change and amendments to the Act No. 68/1997 Coll. about Matica slovenská as well as the University Library in Bratislava Charter as of September 27, 1999 and its amendments as of October 1, 2005 and as of May 1, 2011; these Rules and Regulations of the University Library in Bratislava (further: The Library Rules and Regulations) are issued.


A r t i c l e 1

The Range of Library Rules and Regulations

  1. The University Library in Bratislava as a common academic library and multifunctional cultural centre is a leading state, cultural, information, research and educational institution in the field of library, bibliographic, research, information, education, publishing and cultural activities.The library provides free access to knowledge and information on all types of media through its collections, information sources (external information sources), library and information networks, library services, communication and information technologies as well as cultural activities with the main goal to satisfy the cultural, information, research and educational demands of the public and to support lifelong education, independent decision-making as well as mental development
  2. The Library Rules and Regulations which include The Rules of Lending, adjust the relations between the Library and its users as well as visitors.
  3. The Library shall secure presenting The Library Rules and Regulations on its website and the printed version in a visible place on Library premises.

A r t i c l e 2

Conditions for becoming a Library User

  1. The Library user can be:

          a.  a person older than 15 years of age,
          b.  a person younger than 15 years of age certified with material responsibility of his/her legal representative
          c.  a Body corporate or Institution
                   - by her representative
                   - by her representative using the ILL service (National or International)

  2. A person or Body corporate becomes a Library user upon the activation of the User Identification Card. Having filled out and signed the application form, the User vows to comply with The Library Rules and Regulations.
  3. The processing of personal data which is necessary for the issuing of the User Identification Card and its activation into the library system is carried out in accordance with the valid legal prescriptions regarding Personal data protection. The Library shall utilize the provided personal data solely for its professional purpose.

A r t i c l e 3

Accessing the Library

  1. The Library provides its users with general access to documents and information regardless of their political, national, religious or racial adherence.
  2. Only a valid User Identification Card entitles to enter the Library premises.
  3. The Library user is not allowed to enter the Library stacks or staff premises.
  4. Coming to the specialized reading rooms (the Computer room, the Electronic document room, the Cabinet of Manuscripts, Old and Rare prints) and being provided services here is administered by special rules and regulations.
  5. The User has free admission only to those cultural events at the Library that are organized for the general public.

A r t i c l e 4

Basic Rights and Obligations of the Library User

  1. The User has a right to:
    1. Access the circulation desks and study rooms using his/her Library Card
    2. Attend educational and cultural events organised by the Library
    3. Use the Library services in accordance with the Slovak Law (no: 183/2000 and its ammendments)
  2. The User is obliged to:
    1. abide with the Library rules, internal instructions of the Library and instructions of the Library staff
    2. keep order and handle the properties of the Library with care
    3. maintain silence and neatness
  3. The User is not allowed to:
    1. Enter into
      • the rooms of the staff and the repositories
      • the Library after consuming alcohol or drugs
      • the Library in dirty clothing, transferring an epidemic disease, and for other reasons that the rest of the Users may suffer from
      • the Library in Rollerblades
    2. smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs in the Library
    3. wear a weapon, guide animals (exception are guiding dogs), stock a bicycle or a scooter, etc. in the Library
    4. use mobile phones in the study areas
  4. The User may consume food and beverages only in the designated food&drink area
  5. Upon request by the cloakroom staff the user shall present him/herself with his/her User Identification Card.
  6. Prior to entering the Library premises the user has to leave his/her coat or other outwear (a jacket, a light coat etc.), an umbrella, a briefcase, a bag, a backpack etc. in the cloakroom, regardless the purpose of his/her visit to the Library. Objects larger than 33x24x7 cm shall be regarded a briefcase or a bag. The rules of the cloakroom are further outlined in the Rules of the cloakroom.
  7. Should the User bring his/her own documents (books, periodicals, newspapers, music scores, maps, microfilms, audio, audio-visual documents) into the Library, he/she must fill out a UKB paper form where those documents are listed. Such Paper would pass the documents in to and out from the Library.
  8. The User´s Entrance into the Library:
    1. with a small child, including a child in a pram, is allowed only on the ground floor Ventúrska Street with access to the self service lending area and the reader´s catalogues.
    2. with a school age child is permitted on condition that the Library user asks for a temporary visitor´s identification card in the lending area and returns it upon leaving the Library premises. The Library user accompanying the child takes full responsibility for the behaviour of the visiting child.
    3. with a Notebook or a musical instrument is accepted. All the packaging of such supplies may be inspected by the security guards or the consultants on duty.
  9. Visiting the Library in company with a user that posseses a Disability card the accompanier will be issued a Visitor´s Identification Card.
  10. The use of personal equipment for recording parts of documents (photography, filming etc.) is only allowed after the user has placed a request to the Head of Library Services.
  11. For security reasons selected Library areas are monitored by the surveillance camera system. Upon entering the Library premises the user is to be aware that his/her motion can be monitored.
  12. A User who breaks the Library rules or other Internal guidelines may be banished from the Library and by serious violation such as blasphemy, disobedience towards Library/Security staff, the User may be disseised of his/her Right to use the Library. The User is thereby not cleared from accountability for the harm caused as is stated in the Regulations. To recover those Rights a User has to plead with the Director of the Library. Each Request will be judged individually.
  13. In the event of fire alarm in the Library it is of vital importance to secure protection of the Library users and visitors. If the Broad cast announces „Leave the Library, Fire in the Building“, each Library user and visitor must immediately abandon the space he/she is in and follow the emergency exit signs. Please respect the fire alarm guards. Each Building has got its own fire-alarm area (described in the Fire Alarm Guidelines) where from everyone is instructed to safe exit.
  14. Taking documents from the Library Collections that are restricted for use in Library only as well as ILL Documents with the same status out of the Library will be regarded as substantial breach of the Library Rules. The Library will approach to such conduct as to theft or as to an attempted theft, drawing consequences, and acting in terms with the Civil Code.
  15. A User who doesn´t respect his/her obligations and repeatedly breaks The Library Rules can be disseised of his/her membership for a period of three months to up to three years.
  16. The Book of Comments, Suggestions and Proposals to the Library is located on the ground floor (Ventúrska Street) at the Information Desk. By this appointment the legal procedure on dealing with claims is not counterproductive.

A r t i c l e 5

The User Identification Card, Registration and Activation

  1. The Identification Card of a User (the Library Pass) will be displayed and activated into the UKB (Universty Library in Bratislava) system on request of the User who has filled out the Application Form and signed it. Given that the User sets forth an identification card issued by a different entity (ISIC, ITIC, Bratislava City Card and other accepted Cards), this will be activated into the UKB system. The Act of Issue and Activation of a User´s Identification Card is charged according to the Price List. The Identification Card of a User enables to profit from all Services that are served to the Public.

    The Library distinguishes among four types of User Identification Card:
    • identification card with valid activation into the library system for 1 year which entitles to use all library services,
    • identification card with valid activation into the library system for 1 year which entitles to use, reference services, interlibrary and international interlibrary loan service,
    • identification card with valid activation into the library system for 30 days which entitles to use reference services of the Library,
    • identification card with valid activation into the library system for 7 days which entitles to us reference services of the Library. After the Seven-day term expires the user has an obligation to return the card within three days to the Library and shall be given back the financial deposit for the identification card.

      Has the User Identification Card been deactivated, it needs to be reactivated again individually.
  2. User identification card shall be issued to:
    1. Citizens of the Slovak Republic with a permanent address in Slovakia who put forward a valid ID Card,
    2. Slovaks living abroad who put forward an ID of a Slovak living abroad,
    3. Citizens of the EU who put forward a valid Passport and an official statement acknowledging the permanent address, (confirmation of residence permit issued by an appropriate office),
    4. To Non- EU Citizens who put forward a Foreign Identification Card (foreigners with long-term residence permit)
    5. Citizens of the Slovak Republic, citizens of another country or foreigners with subsidiary protection in society who put forward a Passport, an ID Card or a different identification Card with a formal deed that approves of the permanent address data, (Residence permit delivered by an appropriate Office).
      To this point the activation of the User Identification Card into the Library system entitles for use of all services.
      For Users under 15 of Age a consent of the legal guardian is required who takes over all Rights and Duties of a full member.
    6. A Corporate Body or Institution that deliver their company registration number (Adjustment Act, extract from the business register, License Act, etc.), and that sends out an authorized member of staff who puts forward his/her assignment together with his/her ID Card. The Application Form shall be hand-stamped by the applying Organisation and signed by the authorised member of staff who was assigned to negotiate with the Library. The Rights and Duties in respect to the Library fall under the Corporate Body or Institution.
    7. Corporate bodies and Institutions that intend to use the service of ILL after having signed an agreement for using the services of the UKB. In the Agreement it is stated who the authorized person to use the service will be. Hence the Corporate Body or Institution will obtain their Log-in data for the use of the UKB Portal (the ILL Portal with credit check included) and the UKB Catalog.
  3. User Identification Card is not transferable. The Library staff on duty (lending services, reading rooms or interlibrary loan service) is entitled to check the ID card of a User, a foreigner´s identification card, a foreign passport of a User in order to approve of ones user´s identity. The owner of the User identification card is responsible for any malpractice.
  4. The user has an obligation to report loss of his/her identification card to the Library immediately, otherwise the User takes responsibility for any malpractice.
  5. The user has an obligation to inform the Library about the change of his/her name, home address or the issue of a new ID Card within 15 days. If the Library is compelled to retrieve these data by itself, the user shall cover the costs that have arised with this problem.
  6. A Body corporate is obliged to inform the Library about the change of its name, change of the employee empowered to carry out contact with the Library as well as other legal affairs. The empowered employee is obliged to inform the Library about the change of his/her name and home address. The legal subject which empowered the employee to carry out negotiation with the Library takes responsibility for not informing the Library about the above changes.
  7. In case of a reasonable suspicion that the user is engaged in criminal activity or serious violation of the Library Rules and Regulations, the Library reserves the right to withhold the identification card issued to the registered user temporarily. The decision about withholding the library card shall be made by the Library staff in charge.


A r t i c l e 6

Library Services

  1. The Library provides the following services
    1. Loan services (external and in-house), interlibrary services (national, international),
    2. onsulting services:
      • information on catalogues, collections and Library services and their use
      • consultations how to use special information documents
    3. Information services
      • location (mainly information on union catalogues),
      • reference (bibliographic and factual information),
      • data retrieval (single requests and upcoming demands for searching documents according to the quest),
      • Access to the local as well as network databases,
      • Access to internet,
    4. Reprographic services (photocopying of documents from the Library collections),
    5. Digitisation: (express scanning of Documents that are in hold of the UKB, EOD- E-book on demand, Scan&Go-self scanning, EDO-electronic document delivery)
    6. Other services:
      • Guided tours and lectures on the Library,
      • Exhibitions and presentations,
      • Publishing of leaflets about the Library services, catalogues and collections,
      • Library website,
      • Cultural, educational and information events,

        For the selected library services the Library charges fees according to the actual price listing.

A r t i c l e 7

Reprographic and other Copying Services

  1. Pursuant to the Act No.84/2007 Coll. as of 6 February 2007 that has changed and amended Act No. 618/2003 Coll. on copyright and neighbouring rights (Copyright Act) and about change and amendment of other acts, the reprographic services are provided only for research, study and cultural needs of Library users solely from the Library collections, or from documents borrowed through interlibrary loan service and international interlibrary loan service.
  2. In accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act only parts of documents can be copied.
  3. In case of using assisted copy service, the user has an obligation to respect instructions given by the Library staff. The Library reserves the right to decide which documents can be copied. The Library can refuse to copy the documents:
    • if the condition of document does not allow copying,
    • if the relevant technical equipment is out of order,
    • if the requests exceed limits of the department´s staff capacity,
    • if photocopying contradicts to the legal standards of the Slovak Republic,
    • if the documents are not from the UKB collections,
    • that were not consigned by the University Library in Bratislava,
    • had the reprography in some kind of way interfered with the Library´s conduct.
  4. Manuscripts, old and rare prints as well as historical documents can be copied only in a special mode upon a User´s written request.
  5. Self-service copying of bounded serials published before 1953 is not allowed.
  6. The Copy service is charged according the Price List.


A r t i c l e 8

Methods of Lending

  1. Documents from the Library collections shall be lent to users only upon the issue of a valid user identification card.
  2. To Body Corporates and Institutions that use the ILL service items are distributed through the ILL Service. Within the Library and its domestic Users items are not distributed by post.
  3. It is forbidden to carry documents out of the Library premises without prior borrowing them through the library system.

A r t i c l e 9

Types of Loans

  1. Lending is carried out in accordance with the mission, research and conservation character of the Library as well as the necessity to protect its collections. Documents whose call number starts with SK constitute part of the archival collection and shall not be lent, except for regional periodicals published after 2003 (Act No.535/2003 Coll. about legal deposits). They shall be made accessible in a reading room only prior to receiving approval of the Director of Library Services or an authorized Librarian. The Library reserves the right to decide about the lending of a document and the type of loan proceeding.
  2. Documents shall be lent for Home-use or for in-library use.
  3. The following types of documents shall be lent for in-library use:
    1. Slovak and Czech originating reference materials (book numbers starting with S, SL, B, BO),
    2. periodicals – bound as well as unbound,
    3. Academic dissertations certified in the Slovak Republic,
    4. manuscripts,
    5. other publications published prior to 1953,
    6. publications with pasted in illustrations and loose supplements,
    7. publications in loose-leaves,
    8. maps (book number starting with MP),
    9. bibliophilies and loose prints,
    10. documents sized over 35 cm,
    11. micrographic documents (microfilms and microfiche),
    12. audio and audio-visual documents (gramophone records, compact discs, tape cassettes, slides,transparencies, videodocuments),
    13. electronic documents (CD-ROMs, DVD, discs),
    14. documents located in reading rooms, cabinets and free access collections,
    15. documents borrowed from other libraries (Slovak or foreign), through interlibrary loan service and international interlibrary loan service, if the lending library sets such a condition
  4. The Library reserves the right to restrict the use of reference material which may be due to special Preservation reasons or other profound motives.

A r t i c l e 10

The Principles of Home-use Lending

  1. Documents for Home-use are to be lended in the precise area at the Circulation Desk only.
  2. The user can place an order for a loan either through the online electronic catalogue, or through the card catalogues on a loan slip or by selecting a document from the free access shelves.
  3. The user should collect the requested document in person within 6 working days. To the documents waiting on loan a reservation can be added. The Library responds in letter or e-mail stating that the loan was returned and immediately after that it was reserved for another six days.
  4. Upon returning the documents the user will be given a receipt.

A r t i c l e 11

Number of Documents on Loan

  1. The Library shall prepare the requested document according to its operation conditions.
  2. The user can have on loan a maximum of:
    • 10 library items from the category „library use only“ at the precise circulation desk,
    • 10 library items from the category „home-use“ at the precise Circulation Desk,
    • 3 library items from the category „restricted use“ at the precise Circulation Desk.

      The Library reserves the right to regulate the number of loans a User has.

A r t i c l e 12

The Loan Periods

  1. The loan period of documents for external use is 30 days, however the documents from the free access shelves shall be lent for 7 days only.
  2. The Library can ask to return the document before the loan period has expired, if necessary.
  3. The loan period can be renewed three times provided no „hold“ has been placed on the book from another user
    • in person
    • through the Library website ( and the user´s account
    • by phone – 02/20466182, 02/20446183.
  4. In case of Interlibrary Loan there is a particular lending period given out which the Library User comes to learn at the receipt of the document. Nonetheless the User can check the Lending Period in his/her account on the UKB Portal ( For Renewal it is possible to ask in person, by e-mail at: or by phone (02/20466361).
A r t i c l e 13

User´s Liability for a Document on Loan

  1. The user has an obligation:
    1. To check the document which is provided for loan and to report any defections chased immediately, otherwise the User will take responsibility for any damage discovered upon the return of the document and will be required to cover the cost for the document´s repair, as well as in case of loss,
    2. To return the document in the same condition as received for loan.
  2. In case a document is being returned to the Library by a different Person or legal entity instead of the User, the user him/herself is further responsible for the loan until the document was received back by the Library. The user is not absolved from the obligation of covering all the eventual fees to the Library (Loan overdue, Reminders, Damage etc.). 

A r t i c l e 14

Loss and Compensation

  1. A user has an obligation to inform the Library immediately about damage caused to a document which was provided for loan, or about its loss. Hereafter the User has to compensate for the damage caused in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code. The Library requires the following form of compensation:
    1. In case of loss or damage the user is required to provide another copy of the same document (undamaged), of the same edition and the same quality of book binding,
    2. If such a substitute is not possible, the Library will agree upon a different way of compensation.
  2. The user is obliged to cover all costs that have arised to the Library as a result of the damage caused to the document on loan.
  3. The users who or the library that received a document for loan from a foreign library have to compensate for loss or damage caused to the borrowed document according to the foreign library´s requirement.
  4. In case the Library does not reach agreement with the user regarding compensation, decision about the method and amount of compensation will be taken by the Court.
  5. The Library reserves the right to suspend the user from using all of its services until all the required fees and compensations aren´t settled.

A r t i c l e 15

Interlibrary Loan Service

  1. A user can request the Library for loan of a document from another library in the Slovak Republic should the requested document not be available in the Library´s collection and there is no other library in Bratislava that can provide it for loan or for reference study. The Library will arrange such transaction through its interlibrary loan service by sending an ILL Request asking a potential Lending Library for the original of a document or a copy from part of a document.
  2. Loans sent out to different libraries and Institutions across Slovakia by The University Library in Bratislava are not charged. For reminders and other sanctions due to damage or loss of document there is a standard fee for a User whether a legal entity or an Individual.
  3. Upon request of a User the Library can submit a loan request through the international interlibrary loan service should the requested document not be available in the collections of libraries in the Slovak republic. This service is provided by the Library in accordance with the IFLA recommandations. The service is charged according to the Price List.
  4. The libraries not seated in Bratislava can request for loan of a document from the UKB collection should the requested document not be held in their collection.
  5. The library that submits an Interlibrary Loan Request or an International Interlibrary Loan Request as well as the User-requester, have to comply with the conditions the lending Library has set (such as the Due Date, the Copyright etc.)

A r t i c l e 16

Providing Documents for Other Purposes

  1. Providing documents for other purposes (e.g. exhibitions, filming) is possible upon a written request and an agreement reached.
  2. The request shall be addressed to the Director General well in advance (30 days at a minimum).
  3. The Library reserves the right not to provide documents for neither of a purpose.

IV. The Order of Precedence for Services in the Reading Rooms, Cabinets and the Free Access Area

A r t i c l e 17

Rights and Obligations of the Users in the Reading Rooms, Cabinets and the Free Access Area

  1. Reading rooms, cabinets and the free access area (further Reading Rooms) serve for reference study of documents. The user has the right to use:
    1. The Reference collections,
    2. Journals and newspapers freely accessible,
    3. Documents delivered from the Library deposits,
    4. Documents ordered through the interlibrary loan service and international interlibrary loan service,
    5. Technical equipment whereas abiding by the instructions of the librarian at place.
  2. Coming to the reading rooms on Klariska Street, the User must show his/her Library Card.
  3. The user has free access to the reference collections and the displayed journals and news-papers. The user shall return those to a designated place after completing his/her study. When using these documents the user should respect other users´ requests for the same documents. Documents from the Library deposits categorised as „for reference“ shall be handed out at the specific circulation desk.
  4. The user can place an order for a reference material through the on-line Library catalogue or through the card catalogues with order slips duly filled out.
  5. The requests for borrowings from the Library deposits and for journals and newspapers which are not freely accessible in the reading rooms are processed and dealt out with at intervals.
  6. The Library reserves the right to regulate the extent of reference material ordered from the Deposit by the Users to the allowances of the premises.
  7. The Library specifies the methods and the Place where documents that need special supervision are to be delivered.
  8. The user has a duty to collect the requested document in person within 6 working days.
  9. A Document requested through the Interlibrary Loan Service or International Interlibrary Loan Service that has been delivered from the Lending Library with the condition „in-library use“ is handled to the favour of the Lending Library. Other restrictions may regard the copyright. These conditions are further outlined on the UKB Homepage (
  10. The User is obliged in his/her own interest to report all deficiencies detected in a borrowed document to the consultant.
  11. The borrowed items should be returned in same condition as they were lended. This means no mishandling of documents is allowed. Should the user be observed in the reading room damaging a Library item, he/she would have to compensate for the damage to the extent of its scale.
  12. Audio, electronic and micrographic documents as well as video cassettes shall be made accessible for reference use only in the designated study areas or cabinets.
  13. The user is allowed to use the Library´s technical equipment, apart from the self service Technologies, only with the assistance of a consultant.
  14. It is forbidden to make any copies from the audio, electronic and video documents.
  15. The user should take into account that PCs found in the specialized reading rooms provided with access to the Internet can be monitored.
  16. The User may not move chairs around in the study rooms and the Open Access rooms.
  17. The Cabinet of Manuscripts, Old and Rare Prints as well as the Study room for Electronic Documents is working amid special rules and regulations.


A r t i c l e 18

Fines for overdue Items

  1. The Library is not obliged to send Reminders.
  2. The user has an obligation to pay a fine for overdue Items. The Library provides the user with a receipt confirming the payment of the fine.
  3. The obligation to pay for items overdue begins one day after the lendig period has expired. Should the Library be closed on the last day to which the lending period ends, the Due date is automatically renewed to the first coming day the Library has opened.
  4. The fine for items overdue is set upon each document for each day counted from the Due date.
  5. If the user does not return a document within 60 days from the Due date, he/she will receive a director´s notice sent via registered mail.
  6. Should the user not return a document within 30 days from the director´s notice, the Library shall ask the User for reconciliation. The message would be sent by registered mail.
  7. If the user does not return the document within 30 days from the reconciliation proposal, the Library approaches its claim through the Court.
  8. The user as well as visitor of the Library holds responsibility for any such bent behavior. The legal steps taken next follow the Civil Code Procedure.
  9. In case a Library User doesn´t collect a document he/she has requested for through the ILL-international service within 14 days from the date of the delivered e-mail notice, he/she will be banned from further use of the ILL service, had such document been ILL-international, the User would be charged 50% of the cost of the service.

A r t i c l e 19

Fees for the Library Services

  1. The Library requires financial compensation for the following services and activities:
    1. Issuing the User Identification Card,
    2. The Activation of The Identification Card,
    3. Detecting identification data about the user,
    4. Interlibrary Loan- International,
    5. Reprographic services,
    6. Reimbursements for the damage or loss of a document provided for loan,
    7. Digitisation
  2. The Cost of every operation and service is printed out on The Price List of Services.
  3. The Library reserves the right to adjust The Price List of Services according to its reflection during the validity of these Library Rules and Regulations.
  4. Is the Library User in debt or has other account receivables with the Library, he/she can be shortened of the priviledge to use the services of the Library.
  5. For the Library services and other services it is possible to refund those from a User´s Credit he/she has prepayed at the Library counter. For Copy self-service it is required to have credit prepayed. Upon agreement a debt of a User can be discharged from his/her Credit by the Library itself.
  6. Once the validity of a User´s registration has expired, the User should immediately require the pay out of his/her Credit left on his/her account. If not immediately, two years from the expiration at latest.
  7. The Pay out of Credit to the User can be done in person after the User has put forward his/her ID Card or a different kind of Identification Card.


  1. Exceptions to the Library Rules and Regulations may be dispensed, given the reasons, by the Director General of the Library.
  2. The Rules and Regulations of the University Library in Bratislava dated October 1, 2010 are cancelled herewith.
  3. These new Rules and Regulations are taking effect as from September 3, 2012.
  4. The UKB Price List of Services is a Supplement to the Library Rules and Regulations Agenda also taking effect with this text.

Addition No. 1 to Rules and Regulations (16th march 2015)

Addition - The Order of the Cloak room  

Bratislava, September 3 / 2012

PhDr. Tibor Trgiňa




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