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E-book - EoD

eBooks on Demand - EoD

EoD or (eBook on Demand) is a service, which was developed witihin the international project in the program Culture. The goal was to offer operative digitizing value-added services.

On the basis of the customer service is the selected document type like monographs (for example a book) being digitized, edited into the PDF document format, "read" trough with the automatic text detection system (OCR) and sent promtly to the client in electronic format in eighter hypertext link or with the usual postal service via regular mail.

This service is open to anyone and is not limited with the registration in library.

During the scaning and processing is the regulation copyright law being respected - this service is bound to documents published till 1945.

This service is charged according to the actual international price listing.

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Search all books that are available in the EoD network

How to order an E-book

Common customer:

  • in electronic library catalogue you search the wanted document
  • click on the link "exemplars"
  • click on the EoD service icon (located at the bottom of the page)
  • a new internet browser window opens with a new ordering form consisting of pre-filled data about the wanted document.
  • Then fill out your personal information (important is to fill a valid e-mail adress) then send the formular.
  • after this process an notification e-mail will be delivered to the e-mail adress you previously provided
  • the service operator will contact you later via e-mail

Handicapped customers:

  • for the blind, visually impaired and otherwise disabled the service is provided in cooperation with the Slovak Library for the blind M. Hrebenda Levoča (SKN).
  • orders should be addressed to e-books SKN, which ensures its processing. E-book is sent to the customers via SKN.

Price listing: 

  • Sale price of 9.90 is for a whole BOOK - available till 14.12.2015
  • Basic fee for PDF document (e-book)
    EURO 9,90 € and covers 99 pages of documents in PDF format, and each new additional page for EURO 0,09.-
  • Basic fee for PDF document (e-book) + OCR
    EURO 9,90 € and covers 99 pages of document in PDF format + OCR, and each new additional page for EURO 0,14.-

More information is available on the eBook on Demand web page

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